New: The First Occult Tarot

The First Occult Tarot: as Envisioned by

Louis-Raphaël-Lucrèce de Fayolle,

comte de Mellet, in 1781

Before Aleister Crowley, before Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith, before the Golden Dawn, before Papus, Éliphas Lévi, and Etteilla, the first author to describe an occult version of the Tarot was Louis-Raphaël-Lucrèce de Fayolle, comte de Mellet, writing in Antoine Court de Gébelin’s, 1781, eighth volume of his monumental encyclopedia, Monde primitif.

The comte de Mellet associated the Tarot’s trumps with the Classical Ages of Man: the Age of Gold, the Age of Silver, and the Age of Iron. He correlated the Trumps with the letters in the Hebrew alphabet, he described the minor suits in detail, and he provided the earliest discussion of a divination technique for the Tarot. Now for the first time de Mellet’s vision for the Tarot exists as a complete deck, and book: The First Occult

The deck and book set will be here on October 30th

but you can preorder it now

after the 30th there will be plenty in stock and I will be accepting orders

The First Occult Tarot set is $60 plus shipping ($10 in the US, $30 for Canada, and $41 for other international orders). You may also order the deck alone for $40 plus shipping, or the book alone for $20 plus shipping. ( There is no little book included with the deck)

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US Customers may use this Gumroad link to order

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Some of the Cards

The first and last trumps

The Sun and Moon

Death and the Hanged Man

The Chariot of War and the Lover

Jupiter and Juno

The Mountebank

The four knights

The Seven of Batons

The Three of Swords

The Three of Cups

The Five of Coins

The Knave of Coins

The Lady of Coins

The King of Batons

the card back