The Fool’s Journey: the History, Art, & Symbolism of the Tarot


This is one of the best resources for understanding the mystical symbolism of the Tarot’s major arcana. It includes an updated history based on Place’s The Tarot: History Symbolism and Divination, which “Booklist” said “ may be the best book ever written on …the tarot.” This edition adds color illustrations of key works and comparative illustrations from the Renaissance, from alchemical texts, from ancient Egypt, and from occult sources. It views the Tarot as a 500-year visual conversation between artists, mystics, and occultists. The work is based on the 2010 Tarot exhibition at the LA Craft and Folk Art Museum, curated by Place, and includes the Visconti-Sforza Tarot, the 1st Italian printed deck, the oldest Tarot of Marseille, The 1st occult reference, the 1st occult Tarot, the 1st modern Tarot, the 1st New Age Tarot, and examples from popular modern decks including the Twilight Tarot, the Legacy Tarot, the Deviant Moon Tarot, the Annotated Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery, and Place’s Alchemical Tarot.

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A Review by Bonnie Cehovet – September 15, 2010


“The Fool’s Journey” is based on an exhibition that Robert M. Place curated at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles. The focus of this exhibition was on modern occult and divinatory Tarot as it is popularly known in American culture. There is no one better suited to curate an exhibition of this nature – with an artist’s eye and a scholar’s attention to detail, Place brings to the Tarot public an amazing Tarot resource. He paints a picture of the 21 Trumps as expressing the mystical allegory of the Tarot – the “Fool’s Journey”, as it were. The Fool’s Journey of the Tarot is a spiritual progression. The story of this exhibition is that of the “Fool’s Journey” of bringing appreciation of the Tarot and its mystical tradition to a wide audience. It also carries the purpose of replacing false notions about Tarot with real history and insight. The list of thanks to people involved with this book read like a who’s who of the Tarot world. Some of these people I have been graced to have either met or worked with – or both. The world of Tarot is an amazing world, filled with incredible people who are willing to share their wisdom unconditionally with others. Kudos to all of you! Place discusses the history and the imagery of the Tarot in great detail. He then goes on to present each of the 22 Trumps of the Major Arcana in text and imagery – beginning with a full color, full page image of the Trump from his “Annotated Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery”, followed by a comparison of photo’s from diverse decks – both modern and older. That I missed seeing the exhibit is something that I will always regret. That it is now coming to us in both digital and print format is a true blessing. There is a wealth of information here that is easily accessable and undertood by all levels of Tarot student. This is a Tarot resource of research quality that belongs in all Tarot libraries.

72dpi-Fools-Journey-Opening.jpgRobert M Place at the LA Craft and Folk Art Museum


A Review by Donnaleigh de LaRose, host of Beyond Worlds – Your Tarot Tribe

September 14, 2010

The Fool’s Journey is a gorgeous, quality treasure trove of pictures, history, and gorgeous metaphors. Robert is truly an icon of our time. This book is pure genius.

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