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The Traditional NY Lenormand


But the NY Lenormand with Tarot inserts


The NY Lenormand is a recreation of an historic Lenormand oracle in two versions: one with traditional playing card correlations and one with the equivalent Tarot cards. but only the one with Tarot correlations is in stock.

U.S. customers may order the deck by following this link:

The deck is $20 plus shipping – $10 in the US, $31 for Canada, or $42 for other countries.  Shipping is the same for one to six decks. You can send the payment with PayPal to this email address, or contact me  to receive a PayPal invoice or for other arrangements

The inspiration for this deck came when I bought an original copy of The Mystic Cards of Fortune, a Lenormand oracle deck that was published by McLoughlin, in New York, in 1882. These cards were based on one of the oldest German Lenormand decks, the Hoffmann and Kroppenstedt cards, published in Berlin, in 1854. Each card was redrawn but followed the original closely with some changes. For example, the Ship card depicts an American brig flying the American Flag instead of a German ship.

72dpi Ships German American

My copy has the line drawings without color (which would have been hand painted) and the box at the top, meant to depict a playing card, was left blank. I decided to reproduce the deck in its colored version and to add cards at the top. The coloring is transparent as the original watercolors would have been. I made two versions of the deck, one with a 19th century style playing card on each (designed by me) and one with the equivalent Waite Smith card on the top.

The Waite Smith cards that I have included are the black and white line drawing for the pips and royal cards that are the equivalent of the original playing cards with French suit symbols. These were first published in The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A. E. Waite, in 1910, and I have used them before in my book, The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination. The Waite Smith cards offer a figurative image designed for divination and provide one interpretation for the cards included with each image. The Waite Smith interpretation is rooted in French occultism and the teachings for the British occult society, the Golden Dawn, and are not necessary the same as the German associations for these cards. At times they offer a pertinent comment on the image and at times they seem to be going in a different direction. However I have also found that the playing cards originally included with each Lenormand subject do not always seem to be in harmony with the image.  I originally offered this deck with either the Waite Smith cards or the French/German playing cards included so that the associations may be observed and studied, but also, to further the divinatory possibilities.

The cards are printed on an off white paper with square edges and a blank back, as was the original. They measure two and a half inches by three and a half inches, and come in a white linen drawstring pouch.

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These are the Designs for the 36 cards with the insert at the top alternating between the Tarot card and the playing are version:

72dpi 1 Messenger LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 2 Clover LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 3 Ship LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 4 House LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 5 Tree LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 6 Cloud LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 7 Snake LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 8 Coffin LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 9 Bouquet LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 10 Scythe LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 11 Rod LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 12 Bird LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 13 Child LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 14 Fox LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 15 Bear LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 16 Star LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 17 Stork LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 18 Dog LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 19 Tower LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 20 Garden LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 21 Mountain LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 22 Path LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 23 Mouse LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 24 Heart LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 25 Ring LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 26 Book LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 27 Letter LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 28 Man LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 29 Woman LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 30 Lily LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 31 Sun LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 32 Moon LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 33 Key LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 34 Fish LeNor 1854-2
72dpi 35 Anchor LeNor 1854-1
72dpi 36 Cross LeNor 1854-2

12 Responses to The New York Lenormand

  1. Rachel says:

    Very exciting. I shared it on Facebook, where I commented that the Man and Woman cards do not face each other, as in most of what we think of as traditional Lenormand decks. I notice also that the boxes for the card inserts seem quite large. The fact that they were blank is fascinating. Were users meant to draw in the correct playing card themselves? Some other image?

    • robertmplace says:

      The box with the traditional playing card is the original size. I had to make the box taller for the Tarot cards. I don’t know why it was left blank but I suspect that the playing cards were printed on them from a separate plat and that for my copy they left it blank to make the deck cheeper. They are printed on an inexpensive deep pink paper.

  2. Your drawings for the playing card deck are beautiful.

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  6. linda kammer says:

    where in hudson vally are you located member t.p.#1903

  7. Roy says:

    These are brilliant. I love your Alchemical Tarot, but the Lenormand decks really fit my divination style. I want to share them with my students, and with myself.

  8. Rob says:

    Why did you combine Lenormand and Tarot?!
    It doesn’t even make any sense to compare them!

  9. Hermocrates says:

    Would be cool if you had both inserts on the same card (like the original “Das Spiel der Hoffnung” had both French and German styled card inserts). Of course this only makes sense if the RWS pip cards are redrawn to be more stylized, otherwise they would be too small to see… Anyway, good luck!

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